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Minor Lacrosse Camps

The Vancouver Warriors are excited to host Spring, Summer, and Winter Camps presented by TD. Dates for each camp are to be announced closer to registration. Warriors players and coaches will put the campers through their paces with drills and skills that will keep the players engaged and wanting more!



Stick To School

The Vancouver Warriors are happy to present, Stick to School. This is a free 1-hour program where Vancouver Warriors players will be going into schools around the lower mainland and presenting to an assembly of students from grades K-9. This program will include both an educational and fitness component to it.



Every Kid’s Dream

In partnership with the British Columbia Lacrosse Association, the Warriors are inviting registered BC minor lacrosse players between the ages of six and thirteen to be in the starting lineup. At each Warriors home game, 12 players will have the opportunity to stand alongside their idols for the singing of the national anthem. To sign up or inquire about the Vancouver Warriors Every Kid’s Dream, please contact Debbie Phillips at [email protected].



Food Bank Visit

Each year, the Vancouver Warriors connect and volunteer with the Vancouver Food Bank. In past years, the event has been a great success. We are looking forward to connecting with them once again and making a difference volunteering in the community. More details to follow!



Caught You Being a Warrior

We love to see our fans ‘repping the Vancouver Warriors out in the community. Our staff members are each given special cards to hand out to lucky fans in the community who are seen wearing Vancouver Warriors gear in their daily activities. These tickets can be redeemed following the instruction on the card for free tickets to a Vancouver Warriors home game.



Student Ambassador Program

Warriors Student Ambassador

The Student Ambassador Program invites highly passionate and energetic students to become Warriors ambassadors on their campus. The program will provide students with the experience of selling tickets to the college demographic and representing the brand to reach new consumers and excite students about the Warriors.



Pub Program

The Pub Program is a program that provides mutual benefits to both parties. Our fans can head over the these pubs to grab a quick bite to eat before or after our games and will receive a discount on their food or drinks (with proof of ticket to the game). Alternatively, our fans can head over to these establishments and stay to watch the games on TV as well.

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