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Catching Up With Joel McCready

Q: It seems like yesterday, but it was six months ago now that you went down with your injury (Jan 19). First things first; how are you doing?

JOEL McCREADY: I feel great! We planned right away to be aggressive with the rehab. Erik Torchia (Warriors medical lead) sat me down and gave me a plan that didn’t just strengthen where the injury occurred but strengthen everything. My injury (Achilles) affects other areas as well so we had to make sure that everything was taken care of so I can return to action.

Q: What do you think your timeline is?

McCREADY: I want to play right now (LOL). As much as I want to play right now, I know I must be smart about being ready to go. Erik and I are both confident that by the time training camp starts up in late October that I should be ready to go.

Q: I know that you are as competitive as anyone. How hard was this injury to handle for you?

McCREADY: It just is what it is. I have said before that there are other people out there in the world with bigger problems than my injury. My family has been incredible with their support! My wife Jessica and our three kids (Daughters Tenley 5, Everly 3 and Hudson 4 months) have been a joy to be around and I have had a real chance to bond even more with my wife and kids.

Q: But you are competitive…

McCREADY: For sure! I have been playing lacrosse my whole life and to play at the NLL level is a commitment. When I’m training, I ramp up my competitive juices.

Q: Is coming back and playing unfinished business for you?

McCREADY: Absolutely! I was so excited to be playing downtown at Rogers Arena with my teammates and that was the toughest part, just watching. I don’t watch anything…I want to be out there!

Q: When you aren’t working out or hanging with the family, where can we find you?

McCREADY: The golf course. I get to play with my family and friends a lot so we tee it up whenever we can.

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