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What to Expect at the 2019 World Indoor Lacrosse Championship

The Township of Langley set to host the Worlds

There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child…

In this case it takes a Township to Host the Worlds!

The Township of Langley is getting ready to host the 2019 World Indoor Lacrosse Championship from September 19-28 at the Langley Events Centre.

This is not just another garden variety tourney, this is the World’s best Lacrosse players coming from around the globe to vie for Lacrosse supremacy, with 20 teams from all points on the globe battling it out over 10 days of action.

Tyler Dinwoodie, Associate Director of Production Services at the LEC, says his team is ready, but more importantly, so is his community.  “The Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley are looking forward to hosting the worlds here in the Township of Langley,” comments Dinwoodie.  “We know that the Langley Events Centre will be ready, but without the support of our entire region, this would be a tough event to pull together.”

To Dinwoodie’s point, the economic footprint in the Fraser Valley, beginning with the Township of Langley, will be greatly impacted in a positive manner.  To date, over 800 hotel rooms have been booked for all ten days.  With full hotel rooms you will find full restaurants, pubs, and shopping centres as these lacrosse savvy guests take in all that the region has to offer.

“We knew that we had the capacity to hold this event at the Langley Event Centre,” continues Dinwoodie.  “We have hosted multiple National Lacrosse Championships, including the just concluded Minto Cup, and host not only the Jr. and Sr. Thunder teams, but also the training facility of the Vancouver Warriors of the National Lacrosse League.  We know that our team here in Langley knows lacrosse, and we are ready to showcase that on a world stage.”

The 20 teams represented here at this tournament include many of the world’s best players, including some local lacrosse talent, like Captain Matt Beers of the Vancouver Warriors who will represent Canada, as well as Warriors defender Chris O’Dougherty (USA) and Warriors goaltender Andrew Gallant (Team Netherlands).  “To be asked to represent Canada is an incredible honor,” states Beers.  “To have it just 10 minutes from my front door will be extra special to me and my family and I hope everyone will take some time to come and watch.”

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