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Catching Up With Justin Salt

Q: Justin, the Warriors have been done now for a couple of months. What have you been doing with your off-season?

SALT: I am playing in the Western Lacrosse Association with the New Westminster Salmonbellies, but also trying to take some time to myself and playing a lot of golf in the process.

Q: Why is golf your off-season sport of choice?

SALT: Golf is something I’ve played with my family my whole life. It is a nice change from the intensity of playing lacrosse at a high level and also allows me to kick back and hang out with friends and family.

Q: Are any of your Warriors teammates out with you on the course?

SALT: Ian Hawksbee. He’s great with the irons but he’s a big slicer off the tee! Mitch Jones plays a good game as well.

Q: You mentioned that you are playing this summer in the WLA. I know that many of your teammates are with you in New West, but a lot of guys are also on other teams in the league. Who loves to chirp?

SALT: Owen Barker is always chatting us up out on the floor and Tyler Codron as well. Those Maple Ridge guys are always good for some chatter!

Q: Any vacation plans?

SALT: I plan to hit the Okanagan over the summer. I have a nice getaway with my Dad to Predator Ridge planned and my fiancée and I are heading to Osoyoos as well.

Q: When do you start ramping up for next season with the Warriors.

SALT: The WLA allows me to keep in shape during the off-season, but once that is over, it’s back into the gym and out on the road. I do a lot of running to keep the endurance and cardio up.

Q: Is there any go-to meal for you?

SALT: Gameday it is chicken with rice…probably throw a salad in once in a while as well. Simple but good enough for me!

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