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Catching Up With Matt Beers

Q: How is your summer going Matt?

MATT BEERS: Busy but great! I get to spend some quality family time with my wife and kids, but also have to play a little catch up as the guys at the firehall (Matt works for the Burnaby Fire Department) did me a whole bunch of favours covering my shifts during the season. I am more than happy to make that time up now. We are also lucky enough to have access to a cabin in Princeton, so we get up there and unwind as well.

Q: You are playing in the summer as well?

BEERS: Yes, with the Burnaby Lakers (WLA). I committed to 7-8 games this season plus playoffs where I can. It’s a chance for me to stay game sharp as I am in the mix for the World Indoor Team for Canada and want to be ready to go if I get the call.

Q: We spoke with Mitch Jones about playing against teammates. He said that you and Tyler Codron are the most fun to play with because you don’t take a shift off. Is that respect reciprocated?

BEERS: Absolutely! The one thing that I can say about all my Warriors teammates is that we all play each other hard, but not dirty. At the end of the day, this is the team that we play for (The Warriors), but I guarantee you I bear down when I play against Jonesy or Brider (Jordan McBride), Logan or Keegan (Schuss and Bal). We all share a locker room in the winter and the last thing I want to hear from those guys is them taking me to the woodshed, especially Jonesy! Even Ian Hawksbee, who never goes across the centre line, decided in a game to come down and play some offence and give me a whack across the wrist! (LOL)

Q: So when do you really ramp it up to get ready for the upcoming NLL season?

BEERS: The WLA playoffs will do that. It also is different from last year as I didn’t play summer lacrosse, so I hired a personal trainer to get me ready. This year, between playing and working for BFD, it keeps me pretty fit and I can also get a decent workout in when we have some time at work too.

Q: When you aren’t on the floor or working, what do you do to unwind?

BEERS: We just purchased a new house last year, so catching up on things around the house, but also helping out more with my wife Jamie and our two kids (Benjamin 2, and Ellie 9 months). Being a mom is a full-time job, so I want to give Jamie as much help as I can and also bond with the kids.

Q: Hey Matt, I just found you a babysitter. Where are you and Jamie going for a date?

BEERS: My wife loves the casino, so you will find us there trying to make some cash!

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