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Catching Up With Aaron Bold

Part VII of our ‘Catching up with…’ series is with goalie Aaron Bold.

Q: You are based in Edmonton, so we haven’t seen you.  Everyone wants to know what you are up to.

AARON BOLD: Well thanks for asking!  As you know, we all have full time jobs and mine is in the fitness training business here in Edmonton.  Once the season was over I knew I had to put my nose to the grindstone and get my life back into a rhythm that will allow me to do my business but also be a NLL player, so I’m doing a lot of work now to get ready for the upcoming season.

Q: How are you keeping your lacrosse skills sharp?

AB: I’m playing this summer as well here locally with the St. Albert Miners. (Senior B.) We are in Montreal for the Senior Nationals this week.  I am also continuing with Dynavision training, which is a hand-eye training that will help me with my peripheral vision and hand to eye coordination.


Q: It has been a question that everyone asks me when I see them.  How is your wife Michelle?

AB: Michelle is doing ok.  As you know she has relocated to Toronto so she can be closer to her family and get the treatment and care we know will be the best for her.  We continue to plug away and are always thankful for the prayers and thoughts from everyone who directs them our way. 

Q: How often have you been able to get out there?

AB:  Whenever I can!  I just spent the better part of a week driving our dogs out there so that Michelle can have some company.  I am going to miss the puppies, but I know that Michelle can have our pups keep her spirits up.

Q: You sound perpetually busy…tell me you are getting some down time

AB: Busy…yes!  But I get away when I can.  I have been enjoying getting to the lake and when I was down in Toronto Michelle and I were able to get away to Lake Country. 

Q: Good…it’s always good to play hard if you are going to work hard.

AB: Absolutely!   

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