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Vancouver, B.C. – After months of anticipation, the Vancouver Warriors revealed their new team mascot, Timbr the Sasquatch, in front of an excited crowd at Rogers Arena on Friday night. The reveal marked the end of a six-month campaign by the organization to bring to life the team’s first ever mascot, with input from Warriors fans.

Seeking a mascot to embody the passion, enthusiasm, and energy of the Warriors fanbase and Vancouver community, the team received more than 2,300 submissions of ideas and designs. Following the submission process, a clear winner emerged with 47.9 percent of fans choosing a sasquatch as their desired mascot.

Inspired by your drawings and ideas, Timbr joins the Warriors with a unique backstory to his name. After living most of his life alone in the forests of the North Shore mountains, Timbr heard a roar that rivaled his own coming from Rogers Arena and decided to come to Vancouver to investigate. He discovered that the roar was not another sasquatch, but instead the Vancouver Warriors lacrosse team and their rambunctious fans.

In recent weeks, sasquatch sightings across the Lower Mainland had been reported on social media, raising suspicion of the creature’s existence. It became clear to Timbr that he could not hide any longer, and it was time to officially join in on Vancouver’s best party atmosphere.

Now, he lives in Rogers Arena, and while he’s often out of sight (an old habit that’s hard to shake) Timbr will come out for his two favourite things: watching Warriors lacrosse and hanging with the fans. Always ready for a good time and with a high-energy and goofy personality, Timbr is a gentle giant with high energy, a prankster, and a friend of all.

If you missed out on Timbr’s big introduction this evening, you can watch the mascot reveal video by clicking HERE.

Don’t miss your chance to party with Timbr and the Vancouver Warriors in person at one of the final three 2022.23 regular season home games. Single game tickets starting at $15, suites, and group tickets are on sale now at tickets.vancouverwarriors.com.

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