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Catching Up With Logan Schuss

Q: Summer is in full swing Logan?  What have you been up to?


LOGAN SCHUSS: We just wrapped up our summer season with New Westminster (WLA).  We didn’t get where we wanted to go in the playoffs but getting back into game action over the summer and finding my game again, I am getting the bug to get back down to Rogers Arena for the upcoming season.


Q: Now that lacrosse is over, what occupies your time?


LS: When I’m not working, you can find me fishing!  My dad, family and I head out regularly and we’ve been lucky to hook a number of Spring Salmon this summer.


Q: What’s the largest one you’ve landed?


LS: A 23 pounder! It was awesome.


Q; Any vacation at all?


LS:  A couple of little trips up to the Shuswap and then down to Penticton to hang out with Jonesy (Mitch Jones) who has a cabin in the area.


Q: Jones likes to swing the sticks (golf), do you get out and play?


LS: Absolutely!  Love golfing, but I am terrible!  I play regularly with Jonesy, Hawksbee and Goody (Brandon Goodwin)…


Q: …and you are getting strokes?


LS: Wherever I can!  And even with that, I am always a solid fourth!


Q: Any other summer plans before training camp?


LS:  Yes.  I am heading back to Ohio for alumni weekend. Lots going on at The Ohio State University, we are going to a number of alumni activities, we are going to take in the Buckeyes Football game on the Saturday and then we will head to Cleveland on Sunday and catch the Browns home opener…cant wait!


Q: Before you go…we’ve been asking a few guys about the perfect night out or a perfect dinner.  Any recommendations?


LS: It’s easy…when we are not eating the salmon we are allowed to keep, it’s the Keg.  Took my granny and our family out there a week or so ago and had a great steak and maybe the largest lobster I have ever seen.


Q: Draw the butter!


LS: Exactly!  That lobster never stood a chance!

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